Shaun can present a storytelling program or concert with any of the following themes.

ShaunWinterTalesFirewheel Folk

Take a storytelling journey into the fanciful, sometimes historic, always entertaining world of Oklahoma’s wildflowers with storyteller and poet Shaun Perkins. Her stories of various wildflowers from across the state explore the beauty, history, and variety of the state’s diverse people and plants.

Scary Storiesshaunatolio

Get your bones chilled with Shaun’s stories about ghostlike cats, a skeleton woman, a spirit who lives deep in the pond . . . and more. Stories are suited for all ages but the very young may have nightmares afterwards!

Shaun with Mayes County Storytellers at Tellabration

Shaun with Mayes County Storytellers at Tellabration

Psyche Speaks

Take a mythic journey into the story of the Greek woman named Psyche, as she makes her journey into the world, betrayed by her village, loved and then spurned by the god of love Eros, tested by Aphropdite, and eventually finding her own way in the world. Shaun combines stories and poetry as she tells the story of Psyche, whose name means “soul.”

Stories from . . . StoriesShaunClipped copy

A particularly “literary” storytelling program, this one takes some great works of fiction and modifies them for an oral storytelling treat. Authors included are W. Somerset Maugham, Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor, and Edgar Allan Poe,

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