All About Words . . . and Connections

Reading a poem I wrote for them during Poems-In-a-Minute at the Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa

Reading a poem I wrote for them during Poems-In-a-Minute at the Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa

I have “journey in words” tattooed on my right arm . . . in three different languages. I truly mean it–taking that journey in words, and my tagline is “journey inwards.” The two are connected: I’m not just playing with words when I write or do poems-in-a-minute or show people how to make block poetry. I am also going inside or helping other people to go inside and see where those words take us. Continue reading

Because of Blood

rosemaryletterBecause of Blood (also, sometimes called Cedar Creek) is a story my grandmother told me when I was in college. She wrote about it in a letter. The story is about what one teenage girl does in order to continue to practice the thing she loved. It is a true story, about a real girl and the result of misguided thinking.

I was thinking about the story today because I recorded it for the first time, just sitting here at my desk with one of my cats on my lap, remembering that letter, picturing the place where the events happened, and the cemetery just down the road from where I now live.

You can listen to the story on my podbean page:

Because of Blood.

–Shaun Perkins

Storytelling in Woodward

DSC02106I enjoyed the afternoon Monday, June 24, at the Woodward Convention Center, in Woodward Oklahoma, in the Great Central Plains of our state. I told Firewheel Folk stories and then facilitated a workshop where the participants made art & writing journals.

The folks at the library and convention center were wonderful hosts, and the participants were a great audience. We talked about Oklahoma being the state with the most ecoregions in it, the diversity of wildflowers, and the joys and pitfalls of living here. The people in the workshop made some beautiful journals, which you can see in the slideshow below.

Thank you, Woodward!

Click HERE to see a slideshow from the afternoon.

Journey into the . . . Wordrobe

frostPerhaps you are not engaged in a love affair with words. I am, have been, will be, am destined to be as long as I live. If I were to have a tombstone, it would say: She had a love affair with words.

Robert Frost’s tombstone says, “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.” I suppose that is true, also. Any poet does or should have such a quarrel. Why else write? Continue reading