Shaun-PR2Journey in Words is the lifework of storyteller, poet, writer, and teacher Shaun Perkins. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in liberal studies. A high school and college teacher for 25 years, a published author, professional storyteller, and director/founder of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, she has a wealth of knowledge about the journey with words that can become our journey inwards.

Shaun, a member of the National Storytelling Network and co-founder of Mayes County Storytellers, is an experienced storyteller, poet, and workshop presenter at the state and national levels. She specializes in her own stories about Oklahoma women and wildflowers and mythology from around the world. She is the webmaster and state liaison for Oklahoma’s state storytelling organization Territory Tellers (territorytellers.org). She charges an hourly fee for her services (plus travel expenses if location is far from home).

In 2016, Shaun quit teaching and started working as a barista at her sister’s coffee shop in downtown Locust Grove OK, Wonder City Coffee. She had supplemented her income by writing freelance stories, but little by little, the publications closed their doors. Currently, she is working on a JIW (Journey in Words) Broadsheet that publishes her original writing and cartoon work.

Contact her through the form below, or call her at 918-864-9152, and she will promptly respond.

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