Journey into the . . . Wordrobe

frostPerhaps you are not engaged in a love affair with words. I am, have been, will be, am destined to be as long as I live. If I were to have a tombstone, it would say: She had a love affair with words.

Robert Frost’s tombstone says, “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.” I suppose that is true, also. Any poet does or should have such a quarrel. Why else write?

A writer, especially a poet, (other kinds of writers have lover’s quarrels with story and craft, not so much with just the words), must love words and must love to use them in epic battles . . . I mean poems.

I have a love affair with the way words are used and abused. I troll Craig’s List for delightful wordings and malapropisms and bad grammar and all things weird and wonderful in our use of the English language. I get a word-lover’s delight from such things as “wordrobe”s from a place called Fantasy Furniture.

Wordrobe – $79 (tulsa)

(2nd And Sheridan)
–Shaun Perkins

2 thoughts on “Journey into the . . . Wordrobe

  1. I absolutely love what you did with “wordrobe”. You are a work artist. And, I also like the fact that I can keep up with your many creative enterprises in one location now. Looking forward to journeying with you.

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